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LSGI Linkage (Susthira Samrudhi /KAU@Grassroots - Pilot Programme - Inauguration at Alathur

Fri, 22/09/2017 - 4:51pm --
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Announcement Issued by
Directorate of Extension
Date of Notification
വെള്ളി, September 22, 2017

In a bid to establish stronger linkages with the development agencies and other organizations that work at the grassroots level, the Directorate of Extension has proposed a programme to associate with the LSGIs in project formulation, implementation, monitoring and impact assessment. We hope that this would help us evolve a new system of proactive involvement of our university in the local level development process and widen our extension efforts.  This has been designed by drawing lessons from a few successful interventions by KVKs in association with LSGIs. The programme has been named Susthira Samrudhi /KAU@Grassroots for Development Planning.

Apropos of this, the Directorate of Extension had proposed to associate with the comprehensive agricultural development campaign namely NIRA (Natural and Innovative Rejuvenation of Agriculture in Alathur) initiated at Alathur by Shri K D Prasenan MLA, as desired by him. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor has accorded sanctioned to the proposal to partner with this programme, as per which the  following activities would be supported by the KAU:

  1. Formulating  integrated development projects in the agricultural sector in all the eight constituent panchayats of Alathur LC
  2. Training the voluntary technical core teams proposed to be constituted at the block and gramapanchayat level who would facilitate the proposed programme, NIRA.
  3. Designing  surveys and other data collection tools to help the grama panchayats prepare status reports and project proposals for seeking  financial assistance from various sources and agencies
  4. Assessing the technical feasibility of interventions related to water and soil conservation, adoption of sustainable practices, value chain management of products etc.
  5. Establishing labourbank/ Food Security Army to overcome the problem of labour scarcity
  6. Exploring the  possibilities of convergence of development departments for a comprehensive development of Alathur assembly constituency
  7. Finding out  the prospects of market interventions for reducing exploitation by middle men and ensuring assured price for the farm produce

Inauguration of both NIRA programme and Susthira Samruddhi is scheduled to be held at Aliamahal Auditorium at Alathur on 26 September 2017 at 10 30 am by the Hon'ble Minister for Agriculture Adv. V.S.Sunil Kumar. The function presided over by Shri. K D Prasenan MLA will be graced by Dr. P K Biju MP and KAU Vice-Chancellor Prof( Dr.) P. Rajendran.

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