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Dr. P. O. Nameer

Address (Residence): 
Position(s) Email ID Phone No
Dean, College of Climate Change and Environmental Science, Vellanikkara +91-487-2372413
Director of Information Systems (i/c),, Directorate of Information Systems (DIS) +91-487-2438181


Taxonomy, Ecology and biogeography of mammals of Western Ghats

Selected Publications: 

Books and book chapters:

  • Johnsingh, A.J.T. and P.O. Nameer. 2013. Introduction. In (pages xxvii-lvii): Mammals of South Asia, Vol. I, (Eds.) Johnsingh, A.J.T. and N. Manjeraker, Universities Press, Hyderabad.
  • Sashikumar C, Praveen J, Jafer Palot and P.O. Nameer. 2011. Birds of Kerala: status and distribution. DC Books. 844p. 

Research articles:

  • Praveen, J., P.O. Nameer, Karuthedathu, D., Ramaiah, C., Balakrishnan, B., Rao, K. M., Shurpali, S., Puttaswamaiah, R., & Tavcar, I., 2014. On the vagrancy of the Himalayan Vulture Gyps himalayensis to southern India. Indian BIRDS 9 (1): 19–22.
  • Aneesh, K.S., C.K. Adarsh and Nameer , P.O. 2013. Butterflies of Kerala Agricultural University (KAU) campus, Thrissur, Kerala, India. JOURNAL OF THREATENED TAXA 5(9): 4422–4440.
  • Sreehari, R., Fredy, C.T., Anand, R., Aneesh, C.R. and Nameer, P.O. 2013. Recent records of Ruddy Mongoose Herpestes smithii and Brown Mongoose H. fuscus from Kerala, southern Western Ghats, India SMALL CARNIVORE CONSERVATION, 49: 34-36.
  • Sreehari, R. and Nameer, P.O. 2013. The first records of Nilgiri Marten Martes gwatkinsii from Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, southern Western Ghats, India SMALL CARNIVORE CONSERVATION, 49: 40–42.
  • Jobin, K.M., Deepak, D. and Nameer, P.O. 2012. A new site record of Nasikabatrachu sahyadrensis Biju and Bossuyt, 2003 from Thrissur Forest Division, Western Ghats, andnotes on the tadpoles. FROGLEG. 18: 3-9.
  • Jobin, J., Jobin, K.M. and Nameer, P.O. 2012. Additional record of Resplendent Bush Frog Raorchestes resplendens (Anura: Rhacophoridae) from the Western Ghats, India. JOURNAL OF THREATENED TAXA. 4(11): 3082–3084.
  • Jobin, K. M. and Nameer, P.O. 2012. Diversity of rhacophorids (Amphibia: Anura) in Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Western Ghats, Kerala, India. JOURNAL OF THREATENED TAXA. 4(13): 3205–3214. 

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