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Kerala’s future agriculture should promote entrepreneurship and agro tourism, says Muralee Thummarukudy.

Kerala’s future agriculture should promote entrepreneurship and agro tourism, says Muralee Thummarukudy.

In an insightful and interactive talk session organized by the Department of Agricultural Extension, College of Agriculture Vellanikkara Thrissur at Central Library seminar hall, attendees delved into the evolving landscape of agricultural education and research in today's globalized world. Held on April 30th, 2024, the session featured esteemed speaker Dr. Muralee Thummarukudy, Director, G20 Global Land Initiative, UNCCD, whose expertise shed light on crucial advancements and future prospects in the agricultural sector.

The event commenced with a warm welcome by Dr. Jayasree Krishanankutty, Professor and Head of Agricultural Extension, setting the stage for an enriching discussion. Dr. Sakeer Husain, the Registrar of the university, inaugurated the function, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing agricultural practices. Presiding over the gathering was the distinguished Dean of the College of Agriculture Vellanikkara, who underscored the significance of staying abreast of global trends to drive innovation and sustainability in agriculture. Sri S. Sreekumaran added to the occasion by delivering a felicitation speech.

Dr. Thummarukudy was a reservoir of invaluable information, providing participants with a comprehensive overview of the evolving technologies, trends, and obstacles influencing the agricultural sector on a global scale. He emphasized contemporary advancements such as drone technology, the impact of climate change on agriculture, the shift towards sustainable development, the production of meat and dairy substitutes from plant-based sources, as well as initiatives for agricultural and land restoration. He even commented on the price fluctuations of cocoa in Kerala with regard to drought in the Ivory coast, effects of Ukraine war on availability of cooking oil on German shelves and more. Moreover, he underscored the undeniable reality of agricultural globalization and the dynamic transformations occurring within the field. Adding to that he pointed out significant need of Agriculture sector in Kerala to promote agripreneurship and agrotourism. With thousands of agricultural colleges worldwide, the landscape of agricultural education is also experiencing notable shifts. His insightful talk prompted numerous inquiries and reflections on these crucial topics.

Overall, the interactive talk session proved to be a resounding success, leaving attendees equipped with newfound insights and perspectives to navigate the dynamic terrain of agricultural development in the 21st century. The program concluded with an official proposal of a vote of thanks by Dr. Mercykutty M.J., Professor of Agricultural Extension.

College of Agriculture, Vellanikkara

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