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As part of World Soil Day 2023, World Soil Day was organized at  College of Agriculture, Padannakad on the theme of soil day 'Soil and Water:  a Source of Life'. The inaugural session was presided over by Coconut Mission Associate Director Dr. R. Sujatha. Head of Department of Soil Science, College of Agriculture, Padannakad , Dr. P. Nideesh delivered welcome address . Dean Dr. T.  SajitaRani inaugurated the ceremony and distributed prizes to the winners of elocution, water color and poster making competitions held as part of soil day programne.


As part of observance of Agricultural Education Day, NSS Units, CoA Vellayani organised an awareness session on 'BSc Agriculture course and its importance' to NSS volunteers of Govt. Model HSS, Punnamood, on 04.12 23


On World AIDS Day, the solemn oath-taking ceremony at our college was led by the distinguished Associate Director of Research, RARS(SZ), Vellayani. The event, thoughtfully organized by the National Service Scheme (NSS) unit at Vellayani, aimed to emphasize our collective commitment to raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and fostering a supportive community. As we stood united in this endeavor, the oath-taking ceremony served as a powerful moment, symbolizing our dedication to promoting education, empathy, and prevention in the face of this global health challenge.


On 29th November 2023, as a part of ICAR Tribal SUb Plan, honey bee (Sting less bee) colony division training was conducted at Perla , Enmakaje, Kasargod. This program was coordinated by Assistant professors of Deptr. of Agrl. Extension, CoA Padannakkad Dr. Shamna N, Dr. Vani Chandran and Dr, Meenu Maheswaran, The training lead by Certified breeders Mr. Charlie, Mr. Ramachandran. This training was given to 23 training beneficiaries of TSP project (belongs to ST community), to whom the initial training on beekeeping was given in the month of January this year.


The Constitution Day of India is observed on November 26 every year to commemorate the adoption of the fundamental principles governing the nation. The day was celebrated at the College of Agriculture, Vellayani by taking an oath and reading the preamble of the Indian constitution.


പടന്നക്കാട് കാർഷിക കോളേജിൽ ഭരണഭാഷ-മാതൃഭാഷ വാരാഘോഷത്തിന്‍റെ ഉദ്ഘാടനം നവംബർ1 കേരളപ്പിറവി ദിനത്തിൽ ഉച്ചയ്ക്ക് 12 മണിക്ക് കവയത്രിയും ചലച്ചിത്രതാരവുമായ ശ്രീമതി.സി.പി.ശുഭ നിർവഹിച്ചു. മലയാള ഭാഷയുടെ പ്രസക്തി എന്ന വിഷയത്തിൽ ഉദ്ഘാടക സംസാരിച്ചു. കാർഷിക കോളേജ് ഡീൻ ഡോ.സജിതാ



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